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This is the MIDI (foot) controller I’m working on, and have cut down to 1/3 its size to work with my Electone EL-90 and Korg 01R/W module. It is reaching the final stages of completion. There are 11 pistons next to each other and real close, (like an Allen piston rail). The unit is sprayed satin black, and it all looks quite professional–I think you will be surprised how well it turned out when I finish it. It really doesn’t look like a Saturday project, if you know what I mean. The rather expensive Klann pistons help in the pro-look. They were $11 each.
When finished, I will have instant piston-access to all 99 Combinations on the Korg 01R/W–then 99 more on Bank B, so I would have an “organ-in-a-box” (so to speak), that would work well with any midi organ–totally separate from any inboard voices on the organ itself. Of course, blending the two sound sources is always good. The 01R/W is sounding better every day. Maybe I could market this thing or idea.
I’m really having fun playing Christmas music on the EL-90 / Korg 01R/W custom hybrid keyboard orchestra. Two of my favorite seasonal songs are: “The Perfect Tree” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in theatre style. Really nice, if I say so myself.

You and yours have “a merry little Christmas” (yourself) from your friend in Philly!

Trying to remove the “PRESSURE-SENSITIVE VIBRATO ON THE KORG 01R/W”. I tried the Tenor Sax Program and discovered that I have a “pressure sensitive” vibrato. This is OK if you want to bring in vib by pressing the key harder, but for this application, I don’t want it to, and want the vib delayed just by keying, not pressing, harder.
Is is controlled by the Vel Sens parameter? Maybe the Korg 01 does not have pressure sensitivity adjustment.
I adjusted many of the parameters to 00, but nothing seems to remove the “pressure-sensitive” vibrato. The harder you push, the more depth to the vibrato also. The speed stays the same, but the intensity increases. There is no vib if you press the key very lightly. Any help would be appreciated.


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