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Sound Patches

Sound patches contributed by Korg01w-List members.

Please do not send copyrighted materials.

  • General MIDI bank by Jose Maria Andreu.
  • Organ sounds in diskimage format. Uploaded by Likasz Gierucki (lukgier at
  • – JC’s sound collection. 30 or so banks of patches for the Korg 01W. In SYX format (Cakewalk). Uploaded by Jose Casanova (jcasanova at, 10/19/1998.
  • – Text files containing program names for the sounds in Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/19/1998.
  • – Cakewalk Instrument Definition files for the banks in Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/19/1998.
  • – A bank of movie sounds in SYS format. From Uploaded by Chinh Do, 10/19/1998
  • 01w_popdance.lha – Pop dance sounds in SYX format From Uploaded by Chinh Do, 10/19/1998.
  • 01w_prog.lha – Sound bank for Korg01w in SYS format. From Uploaded by Chinh Do, 10/19/1998.
  • – JC’s sound collection 2. Eight banks: Wind, x3, x3 organs, strings, plucked, percussions, keyboards, & bass. In SYX format. Uploaded by Jose Casanova,
  • – Text files containing program names for the sounds in Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/21/0998.
  • – Cakewalk Instrument Definition files for the banks in Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/21/1998.
  • – Two banks in SYX format. Mostly effects. Program names and INS file included in Zip. Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/26/1998.
  • – Sound bank containing industrial sounds. SYX format. Program names and INS file included in Zip. Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/28/1998.
  • – The Future One’s 01/W
    sound collection. 21 SYX files in all. ChangeIt. Uploaded by The Future One (futureman at, 10/30/1998.
  • – Two banks of sounds.
    Bank one contains mainly synth and guitar sounds. Bank two has “very different” sounds. SYX format. Uploaded by Evert Aaij, 10/30/1998.
  • – Lukasz’s found-on-the-net collection. In DiskImage format. Uploaded by Lukasz Gieruki (lukgier, 11/1/1998.
  • – Two banks in SYX format. INS file included. Uploaded by Angel Massa (amassa at,
  • – Two banks in SYX format containing ethnic sounds. INS files included. Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 11/16/1998.
  • – Logic Audio Multi’s for many keyboards (01w, M1, Prophecy, etc.).

    From: Justin Polk [mailto:korgo1w at]
    Sent: Friday, March 26, 1999 2:57 PM
    Subject: New file(s) for Korg01w-List Home Page
    Logic Audio Multi’s for many keyboards… Roland, Ensoniq, Korg (O1wFD, M1, Prophecy etc…)
    Sending this for hopeful exchange on education about this crazy (confusing?) Korg O1Wfd keyboard that I recently purchased with no manual…(?) Love the sounds but having problems….. Hope to hear from somone soon with basic advice. Thanks, -BMP.
    Justin Polk (korg01w at, 04/05/1999.

  • korg.ins – Cakewalk Instrument Definition file for factory sounds. Uploaded by pianoluv at, 10/27/1999.
  • korg_rom_.tgz – hex-dump files of the korg 01w/fd rom #62. By Erik Hecht, 3/14/2002.
  • – M&T and more.
    —–Original Message—–
    From: duby2 at
    Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2000 10:57 AM
    Subject: Re: [01w] Best of M&T patches
    here is a zip file of M&T and more …

    duby2 at, 11/11/2000

  • – Best of M&T patches.
    From: duby2 at
    Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 9:26 PM
    Re: [01w] Best of M&T patches
    Here is a new list of my o1w/fd stuff. there might be a repeat in the files . an there are of the dance card and orch card , so some of the patch have no sound because there no PCM card.. but the songs that came with them are there…and some demo stuff..there was a performance series with tom coster. keith emerson edgar fores . jam hammer . eddie jobson. perer oxendale . greg phillingance . dave stewart goto yashiki … i have them all i hope here .. if you unzip them all and make one big file with the other stuff i sent you then post it .. I don’t how to post this stuff to the o1w sit so if you can do this for the o1w1 fan when i find more i will send it out. thank

    duby2 at, 11/17/2000

    From: duby2 at
    Sent: Sunday, November 19, 2000 12:02 PM
    The Keyboardmagizines was form march 1994. an i have a lot of them . i love this one at the time because of the drums tips for makeing hip hop styles ??kind of….Here is one zipfile and inside is three type of files ..I just scan them is and save them as text..word doc… and tif
    …. so you should be ables to read one of them ..if knot let me kno…..please share this with other on the net if you can i don’t know how to do that…

    duby2 at, 11/19/2000

    From: edwardsed at
    Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2000 8:34 PMRe: Files with an extension ‘.pcg’
    … PS – Chinh-do, please find attached the file mentioned above. I didn’t want to mail it directly to the list because it’s large like all .01w files are. It is, however zipped down to 100k. It has one bank of progs and one bank of combis. A few organs are nice, some spacey stuff and new-age pads. Enjoy, and thanks again for maintaining an excellent list and web page.

    edwardsed at, 11/25/2000

  • EdPiano&Lead.Zip – Two piano patches.
    From Ed Edwards (edward.edwards at Two single patches (pianoed.01p & !JoyStkSqr.01p) in 01WEditPro format. “Pianoed – a bright, dynamic
    acoustic piano that shows what the 01/W can do. JoyStkSqr – a distorted lead whose filter is controlled by the joystick and/or the slider
    Ed Edwards, 2/21/2001
  • – Killer Organ Disk from Korg
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Ed Edwards
    Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 5:46 PM
    Subject: Re: [01w] FW: Korg 01/W patches
    Hi Chinh, Here’s the usable Diskimage copy of the Killer Organ disk from Korg. Ed Edwards
    Ed Edwards, 5/23/2001
  • Marcelo
    From: “Marcelo Xavier Silva” <porcaum@i…>
    Sent: Fri Feb 24, 1984 1:03 am
    Subject: Files available for download

    I have uploaded a VERY BIG zip file (13 MB) containing all the sounds that i found on the web for the 01w. This is the result of 1 year of searches. It has any kind of strings, brasses, pianos, drums, general midi… finally, everything! Chin, please download this file and make it avaiable for all the users at the group site. When you do that, please let me know, because i will delete the file to open more space to upload more files about the 01w. One more time, i’m sorry about bad english.
    Marcelo Xavier (Brazil) porcaum at

  • Additional unsorted files

Applications (Editors, Librarians, and Other Utilities)

  • ChangeIt! V4.11 for Korg 01-W (link to external site) – A program to manage 01w patches. Is a 32-bit Windows app. Freeware! By Jürgen Moßgraber. Documentation is available on
    Jürgen’s web site. 10/19/1998
  • – Convert sounds for X-series synths to 0-series format. Shareware. By gil at Emmanuel Gil. 10/19/1998
  • – Disk Image.
    —–Original Message—–
    From: M W
    Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2000 6:29 PM
    To: Chinh
    Subject: New version of diskimage
    Chinh, I made a new version of diskimage that is fault tolerant. This version is 2.3FT . I was noticing that some people have bad sectors on their disks. This is normal. Its completely valid that there can be bad sectors on any disk. The older version of diskimage would stop upon encountering these bad sectors. Version 2.3 is fault tolerant in that it reads a sector at a time and upon encountering a bad sector, it prints out a message saying that a bad sector has been found and trys to continue on. If you encounter a bad sector upon writing to floppy, the best thing to do is to stop and re-execute the program with the ‘s’ option. This will select single sector write mode. It takes quite a bit more time to do , but is more reliable. Most people were complaining about the program crashing in track 79. I took a look at what is stored here, and found nothing. So, if it finds bad sectors up there, chances are there is no important data there anyway. -Mike

    PS. I also included a diskimage of the 01W/fd floppy that ships with a new unit. This has all the original demo sequences. Freeware (no support). 3/28/2000.

  • – Disk Image Version 2.2. Read/write 01w formatted disks
    from DOS-based PCs. Freeware (no support). 12/9/1998.
  • – Generate listing of program names from MIDI sysex dumps. Freeware by dbfrost at David Frost. Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/19/1998.
  • – Makes Cakewalk INS (Instrument Definition) files from a SYS dump. Freeware by dbfrost at David Frost. Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/19/1998.
  • – Uploaded by Jose Casanova, 10/19/1998.
  • (link to another site) – Editor for 01w and 01w/r.


  • – Sequence by Lukasz Gierucki. Lukasz Gierucki (lukgier at, 1/27/1999.
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Mike
    Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2000 6:19 PM
    Subject: Best of 01w
    Chin, I was browsing my old files the other day and came across “The Best of the 01W” data. These
    are the original sequences that went into making the CD. I think its alright to post since the music stores were giving these out to people back when it was released. They are all zipped and in diskimage format. Feel Free to post.
    Mike Werning, 1/16/2000
  • – 3 songs that uses GM sounds included in the file. Guillermo (cybergui at, 4/17/2001.
  • Miscellaneous

    • teac7500_lo.jpg – Actual Korg dealer support document showing jumper
      settings for the TEAC model FD235HF7529 floppy disk drive. Anthony Dennis (aad at

    26 replies on “Downloads”

    Hello, I have a question.
    I had a o1wpro and I have my sounds in a disket. I used the diskimage to save my sounds and I sold my keyboard.
    I bought a laptop and installed the vst korg wavestation, legacy and polixix. My question is: can I load does sounds that I have on the disket using this softwares and play them by midi? Please I need help because I love those sounds and no money to buy another 01wpro. thank you in advance.

    disculpen alguien me puede ayudar.. kisiera saber.. si alguien tiene el KORG LEGACY EDITION DIGITAL” CON LOS SONIDOS DEL KORG 01/W PORFAVOR SI PUEDEN AYUDARME PLZ..

    Warning, I think the 01w_movie is corrupted. I am getting ERROR: Exclusive Dump on the 01w_movie syx file.. 🙁 The general MIDI syx files work okay, so I know that my setup is okay. Thanks for all the free sounds!!


    Buenos BEFORE that no good, atoda HERE why TOY IS in this forum is to see if someone could drop the hand with synthesizers THIS FENOMENAL jejejeje Anyway my issue IS SIGUIENE:

    Once used MI 01 / W there was a DESCRAGA WAS THERE electricity and where my 01 / W ME IS THAT damaged NOS but as if someone took place Nusa could help pass the entire system again so as pasar por VIA MIDI from me TO THE 01 / W Many thanks for your attention.

    djluigy yo tengo 2 teclados 01 wfd y tengo el diskette de del banco de sonidos

    Hi everyone… I’ve got a KORG 01w/fd and am looking for software that will let me bring my sequences from the KORG into a PC where I can see it, make changes to rhythm, note duration etc then send it back into the KORG sequencer with the new corrections. I’ve looked on the net here and there without much success. Anyone with some suggestions would be most welcome!
    Thanks, Hilary

    Hello guys

    I have a 01/WFd which I transmitted patches from
    this site; lots of FaBuLOuS sounds 😉 !

    But I´m facing a problem when I want to go using the original Progs/Combis the 01/WFd had stored previous ly dumped data inside and the manual doesn´t include anything about restoring the unit´s original patches.

    Now, this site used to have the original Progs&
    Combis zip file but can´t find them anymore :/

    I would appreciate Much if some-one with the
    01W original soundset zip file could send them
    for me =)

    Thank you 🙂

    Hello Vertizon/Andrea/Jukka: This is not a good place to post questions. This is more for technical help with this web site itself. For best result, please subscribe and post to the mailing list. See instructions at top right sidebar on this site. Thanks. Chinh

    I needed 01/wpro program/combination/internal preload data.
    can anyone send me please

    Gracias infinitas por esta pagina a todos los que pusie
    ron su esfuerzo y trabajo para lograr esta maravillosa en enciclopedia del Korg 01W gracias otra vez y si pueden envienme informacion sobre como cargar de un sonido a la vez para hacer un mega banco con los mejores sonidos y ponerlos luego en esta gloriosa pagina infinitas gracias desde San Juan ARGENTINA Ojala lean esto que esta en español

    hola , alguien me ayuda?? help ! quiero un sonido del korg 01 para mi computadora , para usar con el Reason 4 o en formato soundfont les dejo mis coreo , tengo muchas refiill y samples para intercambiar


    Hi folks!
    Here’s a quick trick to revert all sounds and combis of your 01/W(fd) to the factory sounds.
    Beware that anything you have entered or changed in the 01/W will be lost!

    1. Press both the COMPARE and RESET buttons, keep them depressed and power on the 01/W
    2. After a few seconds, the display will show the ROM version and date. All sounds are initialized to one setting.
    3. Press the GLOBAL button, and go with the PAGE+ button to page 7.
    4. Press the LOAD soft-key and answer with YES.
    5. Now your 01/W contains the factory sounds and presets.

    Is there anyway to load all the o1wfd programs/combis to pc for Pro Tools then utilize it throught the instrument program on pro tools?