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The Korg01w-list Yahoo! Group is a discussion group for Korg 0-series synthesizers and related instruments (01/W, 03R/W, X-series synths, etc). The current home of the group is at Yahoo! Groups. The current group moderators are Ed Edwards and Chinh Do.

The group started life back in 1991 as Erno Tuomainen (moonlite@sci.fi)’s Korget mailing list (korget@sonata.fipnet.fi). Chinh Do inherited the list from Erno and migrated it to a UNIX majordomo mailing list (majordomo@mapeaston.com, 1993), a pair.com mailing list (korg01w-list@vienxu.com, 1996-1999), eGroups, and finally, Yahoo! Groups in 2000.

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About Korg 0-Series Synthesizers

The Korg 01/W synthesizer/workstation series was introduced in 1991. The 01-series was meant to replace Korg’s legendary M1 and T series synths. The Korg 01/W was equipped with (Advanced Integrated) sound engine, 47 effects, 6 MB of samples ROM, WaveShaping, built-in sequencer, and 32-note polyphony. Many musicians still prefer the sounds of the 01/W over Korg’s newer synths such as the Triton.

The 0-series synths were composed of the following models:

  • 01/W – Basic 61-key model.
  • 01/Wfd – Same as the basic model, plus internal 3 1/4-inch floppy drive.
  • 01/Wpro – Same as 01/Wfd, but with 76 keys and extra sampled Acoustic Piano.
  • 01/WproX – Same as 01/Wpro but with 88 weighted keys.
  • 01R/W – Rackmount version (no keys).
  • 03R/W – Stripped down version of 01R/W. Smaller screen and smaller set of ROM samples. No WaveShaping, sequencer.

Korg 01R/W Synth: Korg 01R/W Synthesizer

Korg 03R/W Synth: Korg 03R/W Synthesizer


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